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The Children in Care Council

The Children in Care Council (CiCC) is a group of young people who meet monthly. The aims of Children in Care Council are:.

  • To make sure all children in care can have their say
  • To help adults to communicate better with children in care
  • To talk to the director and head of children's services because they have the power to make the changes
  • To make sure the Pledge is always working
  • To help adults improve children’s services for children in care
  • To support other children in care Support Group meetings are held at venues around the East Riding in the school holidays, when members of the CiCC showcase the work that they do, and offer peer support to other children in care. Children’s Rights Officers also attend to offer one-to-one Children’s Rights and Advocacy advice and information.Every six months the CiCC will consider whether other looked after children who have demonstrated commitment through taking part in other events with the Participation and Rights Team should be invited to join, either as additional members or to replace members who have left.

The Mini Children in Care Council

    In order to support and encourage younger children to become more involved in the CiCC, we also have a ‘Mini Children in Care Council’ specifically aimed at children aged from 8 to 12 years of age. The group is similar to the Children in Care Council and incorporates creative topic discussion with fun activities. The Mini CiCC will also have the opportunity to meet with representatives from the CiCC and senior managers.

The Groovy Gang

    The Groovy Gang is a support group for looked after children in the East Riding from 4 to 8 years of age. The group meets four times a year and provides younger children with an opportunity to share their views and experiences of being in care. They take part in crafts, games and activities and get to know other children and some of the workers from the Participation and Rights Team.

Interview panel training

Would you be interested in being trained to be part of the children's panel on interviews for people wanting to work in social care?

Get in touch if you would like to be involved.